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The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Denver recently announced a plan to offer self-declared artists complimentary memberships.

This could prove vital to artists creating in the Denver metropolitan area. Contemporary art is to artists what groundbreaking research is to scientists. An opportunity to study, understand, and absorb contemporary dialogue proves vital to those creating their own works. It offers a chance for artists to imbue the work with deepened, relevant meaning. In a sense, the MCA’s new membership plan will perpetuate the creation process, allowing those who would create art themselves an ability to personally study the contemporary art scene here in Colorado.

And MCA does not limit membership to visual artists. They will accept visual artists, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, makers, crafters, and more. This allows for cross-over and collaboration across media, in what could only make for a richer arts community here in the Denver metro area. Adam Lerner, the director of MCA and champion of the artist free membership, stated in the MCA press release, “Colorado artists have always been a crucial part of our program and this initiative takes our support one step further. It puts a little more wind in the sails of the many creative individuals who add vitality to the life of the city, regardless of their career stature.” Using his powerful role in the arts community, Lerner has opened the door for new artists in Colorado to further their craft.

The membership will operate on an honor system. In an effort to balance the needs of those who cannot afford the membership with the financial needs of the museum, MCA asks that those who can afford the membership still sign up through a more traditional means. But, for those artists who cannot afford a traditional membership, the registration is easy – complete a form and input some information (such as a website or portfolio) about your personal art. MCA will offer 1,000 individual, year-long memberships to artists for the next three years. Additionally, artists who use their membership to visit the museum three times or more in one year will have the membership automatically renewed. Registration works on a first-come-first-serve basis.

MCA has stood in Denver since 1996 as a contemporary artistic epicenter, showcasing regional, national, and international artists. To have a cultural artistic center accessibly open its doors to those who create and possibly even aspire to show at the MCA themselves is an amazing gift to the community.

To learn more about MCA and the complimentary artist membership visit their website, or the museum itself:

Museum of Contemporary Art

1485 Delgany St

Denver, CO 80202

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