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2015 Final Grant Report

Funds provided for distribution by the SCFD are public funds. Therefore reporting must be completed to assure accountability of the funds received.

Report on all funds received October 2013- September 2014

SCFD uses the Grants Online™ (GO™) program, developed by WESTAF, to manage the Tier III grant application process. GO™ can be accessed at: http://scfd.culturegrants.org.

GO™ works best with Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers. WESTAF does not recommend using Internet Explorer.

Final Report Deadline:
4pm, Friday, February 13, 2015

Organizations with any outstanding Final Grant Reports WILL NOT be able to apply for funding.

Click here to download: Final Grant Report Directions

Not sure what you received in 2013? See our distribution page. (These numbers do not include discretionary funds.)