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2019 Grant Application

2019 Guidelines and Deadlines

The county grant guidelines will provide direction on the requirements to apply for funds in each county. The guidelines are updated every year, so it is critical that you review them before filling out an application even if you applied in the county in the last grant cycle.

ALL Grant Deadlines are at 4pm on the dates listed below.

2019 Grant Application Resources

County Scoring Rubrics

Not all counties use unified scoring rubrics as part of their scoring process.  To view the counties that do use a unified scoring rubric, click on the county rubric below.

Discretionary Guidelines

Denver County offers discretionary grants for home based organizations. There are seperate guidelines and grant deadlines for discretionary grants.

Denver Discretionary Funding Grants

Change Forms

As of January 1, 2015 all counties are requiring organizations to submit a change form when there are modifications to the scope of a project. For example changes to venue, date/time, content of programming, projected audience, & significant adjustments to the project budget (over 25% increase/decrease in project budget).

Change Form