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Key Messages are the most versatile element of the Awareness Messaging Tool Kit. Each of the messages addresses a different way SCFD serves the community: Access, Education, Economy and more. Use them in the way that serves your organization best. For example:

  • Newsletter article about school programs? Try including a mention that the programs are made possible by citizen support of SCFD, and that organizations funded by SCFD “serve children in every school district throughout the region with theater performances, museum tours, outreach and other experiences.”
  • Facebook post about a free day or opportunity? Remind followers that more than a million students, seniors and families take advantage of free experience thanks to our support of SCFD.
  • Tickets on sale notification online? Include a short mention that fun and world-class experiences like this are available in metro Denver because of our continued support of the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.

Download Message document.

Inform Staff and Volunteers

Looking for information to train your staff and volunteers about the importance of the SCFD to your organization? Here is a Power Point template you can cutomize for your organization.

Download Training document.