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Tool Kit

The SCFD is a unique and powerful force in our community, yet many of our citizens don’t know what it is. The SCFD Awareness Tool Kit was created so you and your organization can tap into consistent messages to increase the awareness of the SCFD on the ground level – your organization. The citizens of the SCFD are YOUR patrons. Help us spread the message by utilizing this Tool Kit within your organization.

Ultimately, we hope we can touch everyone in the seven county metro with our message, but it all starts with you.

  • Look through the tool kit and become familiar with its content. Know what is available to you and incorporate it as you can.
  • Ensure the staff of your organization are well-versed in what the SCFD is and how it applies to you. Speak about it regularly at staff meetings to ensure new staff are up-to-date and that everyone remains invested in telling the story. Maybe each staff member can share their own version of the Elevator Speech at some point throughout the year.
  • Incorporate SCFD Awareness into your frontline (ushers, docents, etc.) and volunteer training. Ensure everyone the public comes in contact with has knowledge of what the SCFD is.
  • Include SCFD messaging when you can. Whether in press releases, programs, social media, or just talking to a friend, become an advocate on behalf of SCFD and your organization.

Why have an SCFD Awareness Messaging Tool Kit?

Having a tool kit that includes a uniform set of messaging materials increases the power of the outreach and communications each SCFD organization is already doing every day. Consistent messages are more likely to be remembered, and they are a uniform way to educate staff and volunteers.

This digital Messaging Tool Kit is fully downloadable, and the materials and messages can be scaled to multiple forms and formats, adapted to any audience. Most importantly, uniform messaging tools enable each organization to contribute to a greater awareness about the community benefits of SCFD at no additional cost.

If you have questions or need help implementing the Tool Kit, please contact a Public Awareness Committee member.